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Our Services

What We Do

Our multi disciplinary firm provides a complete spectrum of services essential in the field of architectural and engineering design consultancy


Successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They are visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure, efficient and sustainable. Well-designed buildings are a pleasure to be in, and they pay their way, adding real value for their owners and end users.

We design unique buildings to be used in different ways for people with different tastes. At SAK understanding our client’s needs is at the heart of what we do. No matter what the individual client needs are, they require buildings that work on every dimension. It’s not enough just to make our buildings look good, but we need to ensure that our design is cost effective from the practical outset, buildable, sustainable and as well-detailed too. We follow the principle of Form follows function.

SAK architecture reflects our knowledge of how people and organizations, use and experience their spaces. We work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. We deliver our design projects across the global market with a consistently high standard of service.

Civil & Structural Engineering

Structural systems are subject to both architectural demands and client requirements. We recognize that optimal structural design concepts, arise from within a given framework of good communication and teamwork.

Our expert engineers, merge their ambition, innovation, technical expertise and vast experience to create efficient, sustainable and innovative design. They also consider proposing a confident, personal and effective client-focused service. We collaborate with numerous renowned academic institutions and Award Winning International consulting firms to ensure that our design, management and quality systems are current and function optimally.

We are widely known for our distinguished portfolio, pioneering prescriptive, performance based design solutions, and international expertise. We use our resilience and proven ability to turn conceptual idealisms into tangible optimal design realities.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

SAK provides high quality innovative electro-mechanical service solutions on a broad base of sectors, which are housing, commercial, community, educational, residential, retail, Hospitality & leisure, healthcare and industrial.

SAK Consultant is extremely active in the development of Sustainable Solutions for our projects. Our role in sustainability starts with the site selection, site orientation and building façade development. We bring the full knowledge and experience of our in-house computer simulation and modelling capacity to establish a precise computer model of the proposed developments at the earliest possible opportunity. As the design develops, we investigate the application of the most effective sustainable options to achieve a low energy building strategy.

For the combination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, SAK Consultant offers design services such as ventilating and air-conditioning systems, plumbing systems, fire protection and life safety systems, lighting systems, building commissioning and alternative energy systems.

Quantity Surveying & Value Engineering

Quantity Surveying:

Our team are Experts in Procurement strategy and tender documentation preparation. We understand the importance of the correct building partner. Our systems ensure the distinction between cost and value; hence we look for the optimum value for money in the selection of materials and appointment of the contractor.

Our Cost Management service covers the detailed preparation of the tender documentation, while our experts ensure the correct administration of the Contracts. Cost Evaluation and analysis systems are used to provide a tailored service to meet the project’s needs.

Sound financial control begins and ends with SAK Consultant. We formulate realistic budgets and implement planning systems to control costs at every stage of the construction process. We always make efforts to ensure that final costs relate to the initial budgets.

Value Engineering:

Where required we engage detailed Value engineering services to optimize the project. Our professional approach towards value engineering are done through design workshops and brain storming sessions rather just trial and error methods.

SAK Consultant’s audited and analyzed approach establishes if value is being delivered in a cost-effective way and provide options and solutions to ensure that the desired performance levels are being achieved.

Value for money cost studies are part of the value engineering approach. Our understanding of economical layouts, the use and application of materials and construction building practices allow us to understand and assist the design team in meeting with the client’s requirements. Initial project feasibility studies are prepared alongside various site locations so that cost modelling can be adopted to look at all the options prior to making the cost effective decisions.

Project Management

With a reputation for excellent project delivery and construction project management, our focus is on prevention rather than cure.

SAK Consultant work to develop relationships within the team to ensure trust and fairness. We establish an environment of open and clear communication for all parties involved. Our Project Managers inspire team spirit and look to develop the team’s skills and improve weaknesses to ensure that our client’s expectations are achieved. Where risks are identified, we work with the team to ensure its avoidance and to minimize its negative effect.

SAK Consultant’s focused delivery approach includes:

  • Development of the project brief
  • Project Brief review and analysis
  • Communication management
  • Consultants procurement and appointment
  • Budget Control management
  • Programme management
  • Effective design team management
  • Risk management
  • Project strategy management
  • Contract Document advice and administration

Developer Services

As a Property Developer we understand your role is that of an owner for each property and that these properties are at various stages of the development cycle. In the current economic climate, each of these properties requires imagination and vision, that’s where we can help.

At SAK Consultant, our role is that of a Development Director, recommending solutions and options from start to finish, through the development cycle or at specific stages.

Our objective is to enhance the value of our clients’ assets and to maximize the return on their investments. We identify practical options at different development phases, suggest solutions, and implement the agreed strategies.

As property experts, we understand the development process from start to finish and can assist you at any stage. We organize, where necessary, the designers and professionals most appropriate to achieve your ultimate objectives.

Industrial Design

After a careful assessment of our Clients’ requirements, we provide expert services across the entire lifecycle of industrial projects. Starting from development of the design brief and budget allocation, SAK services cover master planning, architectural and engineering design and Logistics. Further, this is followed by procurement and cost management services, construction supervision and support during commissioning.

Our dedicated team of professionals with strong technical experience in the Industrial sector, strives to exceed the expectations of our clients. SAK has completed various industrial projects from small to large scale projects successfully in all major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Master Planning

Master planning is the epi-center of a design process, we strive to surpass our client’s expectations by providing innovative and practical design solutions to every project. Through close collaboration with our clients, we focus on identifying their short, medium and long-term goals for their project.

The success of a master plan is in creating a balance between the visionary ideas and practical project delivery. Our team adopts an open and holistic approach that engages with all the key stakeholders at the right time and in the right way.

SAK has a successful track record and experience on a wide range of master planning projects, embracing both public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


BREEAM & LEED are internationally recognized benchmarks for sustainable design and construction.

Our LEED ‘Accredited Professionals’ have worked on a vast array of projects spanning all construction sectors and project values, achieving ratings from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’.

We offer sustainability consultancy services not just to our clients as design professionals, but also to fulfil our duties and responsibilities towards our environment. Our in-house specialists in this field offers ‘added value’ guidance regarding the approach to BREEAM/LEED standards and target different rankings bespoke to the project’s needs.

We believe passionately in the value of BREEAM/LEED as a method for delivering sustainable design and construction. We aim to complete the assessment process trouble-free by offering specific guidance to each team member responsible for each particular credit. With a large library of templates and reference materials from which to select, we can help you to work towards achieving your BREEAM/LEED targets.

Urban Design

SAK Consultant has a strong reputation for urban design expertise that shapes and supports development proposals and provides design guidance for Urban Spaces. Our approach is tailor made to the needs of each project, place and client.

Urban design relates to the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space.

SAK Consultant team of experienced architects, planners, engineers, urban and landscape designers have produced design guidelines and regulatory frameworks for various public and private clients.

SAK Consultant is focused in making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. Our team draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct beauty and unique identity.

Interior Design

SAK Consultant offers a bespoke service to meet the client’s needs whether as a standalone interior design service or as a key component of a larger architectural project.

At SAK, we treat every project as a unique design experience with our Interior Designers on interpreting our client’s tastes and ambitions to create a perfect space.

Our interior design services encompass total turnkey solutions for our client’s requirements. We design every aspect of the project from wall and floor finishes to full detailed specifications, specialist lighting, smart home installations and support on procurement management.

We are passionate about textures, combining materials and fabrics, deep-colour palettes and tailored lighting systems, to create a flowing narrative from room to room, producing comfortable living spaces.

Our Interior design specialists work side by side with our Architects and Technicians which means they are able to make informed decisions about the interior proposals from the outset. We approach projects with an informed cohesive design from the architectural envelope to the detailed design of internal elements. Each process however is guided by the goal of enhancing the scheme in the design stage to deliver considered and striking interiors for the end users.

The interior design service includes initial concept design, mood board and presentations followed by a full package of construction drawings including full specification of all finishes, lighting, furniture and bespoke joinery items.

Fire Engineering

SAK Consultant’s Fire Safety Engineers provide expert technical consultancy services covering all aspects of Fire Safety from the overall fire safety design assessment of a building to fire safety management practices.

We design and deliver to the highest industry standards, always aiming to exceed our client’s expectations. While our fire safety designs add value to projects, we also provide our clients with design flexibility, cost savings and reductions in construction timeframes.

SAK Consultant considers technical guidance of fire safety at different levels. This permits cost effective fire safety design solutions to be developed, that corresponds to the complexity of the building and to the degree of flexibility required.

Landscape Design

SAK Consultant believe that people give life to places. We use a strong research based design approach, where creative ideas and clear communication create quality places which respond to the needs of our diverse communities.

We aim to create spaces that respond to the different types of buildings. We design to the highest aesthetic standards while appreciating the sensitivities of the existing landscape surroundings. We encourage a proactive approach for the promotion of sustainable design at all stages of the design process.

We are able to utilize these above skills by providing the following landscape design services:

  • Landscape Master Planning and Urban Design
  • Detailed Landscape Design
  • Construction Design and Supervision
  • Retail, Commercial and Public Realm Design
  • Residential, Parks and Recreational Design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Surveys, Analysis and Appraisal
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Management Plans and Sustainability Strategies
  • Landscape Design Guidelines and Strategies
  • Planting Design and Horticultural Expertise
  • Sustainable Irrigation Design

Sustainable Design

SAK Consultant’s design approach is to promote and give precedence to the implementation of sustainable solutions with minimum life cycle environmental impact.

We recognize that ongoing energy costs are a significant factor of any given project. Our role in Sustainability starts with the site selection, site orientation and building façade development. We bring the full weight and experience of our in-house Computer Simulation and Modelling Software to establish a precise computer model of the proposed developments at the earliest possible opportunity. Apart from Grey Water Recycling, we also propose automatic water and light sensors. Computer modelling carried out in close association with the architectural development will give secure predictions of the building performance.

Consideration for modelling to achieve the best sustainable design solutions include orientation, façade design, glazing selection, external shading and passive and active solutions.

Construction Supervision:

Our Construction Supervision team consists of various types of Engineers including Planners, Surveyors, Health and Safety specialists etc. who coordinates the many interfaces between different parties on site.

SAK Consultant’s special emphasis on effective site supervision increases the efficiency of the trade contractors and shortens the construction duration.

SAK offers comprehensive supervision services for all types of projects. Our supervision managers and engineers aim to provide quality services that will ensure your project meets all the pre-defined objectives, is functional, cost-effective, while monitoring the contract conditions, statutory requirements and specifications.

SAK assigns the best engineers and strives to provide accurate and time-efficient supervision services to ensure smooth execution of your project. Our construction managers, supervising engineers and inspectors have expert technical skills and extensive experience in supervising construction projects without compromising time, cost and quality.

Graphics and Branding:

Graphics and Animation are powerful tools that brings life and realism to your project. It can be further combined with sound and visuals, and as a whole, enhances the experience for prospective clients and customers.

SAK Consultant offers a fully customized animation service for any size project. It is a service that can be included in all facets of business. From websites and exhibitions to marketing materials and presentations. Animation will allow your audience to believe and see the possibilities in your project.

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do and Branding, graphic design and architectural visualizations are no exceptions. Our experienced graphics team provide access to 3D and 4D visualization, animation and graphic design & branding services providing tailored solutions for our clients. Whether for developer and property investment advertising or planning application support, we can provide the expertise you need to communicate your scheme accurately and effectively.

Facility Management:

Our client appoints SAK Facility Management services with the sole purpose of reducing maintenance costs considerably and to implement an information system for asset and incident management and to supervise building maintenance in general.

Facility Management is a model of property asset management from their introduction into operational use and during their productive life, whose purpose is the maintenance management and control of buildings with the aim of minimizing operating costs in connection with the established quality standards and maximizing buildings value.

At SAK we are totally focused on client’s needs, who entrust us with the design strategy of their Facility Management, so that they have the appropriate features according to their use, while fulfilling regulations and achieving considerable cost savings.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design is crucial to any project development. It links people to places, providing transportation and communication, water and energy and renewable energy sources.

Working with developers, SAK has extensive experience of delivering large and small-scale schemes from concept, schematic, detailed design to construction. Our role is vital, advising on site selection to influencing site design through ground engineering, transport planning, utilities design, water engineering and determining stability of structures through foundation, bridge and building design.