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Architect Solaiman A. El Khereiji
Founder and Chairman

SAK Architecture & Engineering Consultants brings in excellence in Architecture design, engineering and advisory services with global expertise that offers distinct solutions to the needs of our clients & users.

To meet the future growing demands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC, we are very proud to continue to create prosperity for the communities in which we work. This confirms my long-term commitment to transform the country into modern living without compromising local traditions and culture.

It is a rarity to find a partnership that the combined noteworthy technical ability and leadership skills and who are committed to provide competent and ethical services for the construction industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC.



Architecture is a Mission. An Architect’s Mission is to make people’s life more comfortable and enjoyable. This can be achieved through Knowledge, Science, Art, Culture and Technology which needs to be studied, researched and combined to have a good balance in our life and built environment.

I believe that Architecture served all Humanity in the form of Great monuments like The Pyramids, Acropolis, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Al Hamra Palace, Pisa Tower, Taj Mahal, Eifel Tower and similar other great achievements which were accomplished using an Aesthetic Vocabulary Language that people of all time could understand which made the Architectural Vision a Reality.

Continuing Education is a way of making sure of continuous development for Architects, Engineers, the society and its environment.

Today Architects and Engineers have to consider Sustainability and the Economic factor in their Design and Construction of a project, so that a project could be built according to the budget and time frame meeting best professional practice standards. SAK Consultants are working towards making their projects as Landmarks while enhancing the built Environment we live in.










Our Timeline

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  1. Arabian Property Award Multiple Residence for Khaldia Compound project


  1. Le Fonti Award for Office Architecture for SAK Head Office Building Project
  2. Arabian Property Award for Office Architecture for SAK Head Office Building Project
  3. Best Community Center Design Award Presented by Governor of Makkah
  4. Arabian Property Awards for Commercial Landscape Architecture for the Kingdom Flagpole Project


  1. Arabian Property Awards for Residential Development
  2. Arabian Property Awards for Architecture Multiple Residence for Duplex Arabic Contemporary Villa Project
  3. Arabian Property Awards for Mixed-use Architecture for Serviced Apartments Building Project
  4. Arabian Property Awards for Office Architecture for Colors Office Building Project
  5. MEED Quality Award for Leisure & Tourism Project of the Year
  6. MEED Quality Award for Mixed Use Project of the Year